Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Welcome to GuyOnTheAir's FREE Stuff!

Over the years, GuyOnTheAir has become known for his knowledge, and use of FREE stuff. From telephony services, to computer software, to FREE checks in the mail, if it's FREE, chances are, GuyOnTheAir has heard of it, and might have even made it part of his everyday life.

This is not going to be a blog that lists every FREE service known to man. It will not be exhaustive, or even authoritative. But, it will feature some great FREE products and services for everyone to enjoy. And, it'll tell you how to get the service or product for FREE, as well.

Some free offers are time limited. Those will be clearly marked. Others are ongoing offers. Very few offers will be posted that GuyOnTheAir has not personally used and tried, and rarely will offers ever be posted where there are unreasonable "strings" or "catches."

As for your part, email GuyOnTheAir with your suggestion of FREE stuff and services. The email address is simple: And, make sure that you comment on products and services you've tried, whether you had a good experience, or bad.

Thanks for reading, and again, WELCOME!

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