Sunday, August 30, 2009

FREE Network Scanner

Network Scanner Software
As an IT guy, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how a client has things configured, or where that mystery device is showing up on the network. And for my money (or lack thereof), there's no better tool for this sort of network discovery than SoftPerfect's Network Scanner. It's fast, and best of all, FREE.

Simply download the EXE. Network Scanner checks for the latest version, and then prompts you to download a file from an internet standards site that lists NIC manufacturers. Type in the range you want to scan, and you're off. You can find out the IP address, name, and MAC address of any network device. You can see shared folders (even hidden ones), and mount them as network drives for use. Also, you can use the software to issue those remote shut-down commands that can confuse people...

Save a file of your findings, or create a bookmark for a particular range you want to repeatedly scan.

Overall, I can't find anything to gripe about. SoftPerfect Network Scanner does what it does very well!

(While I haven't tried them yet, SoftPerfect has some other FREE tools that look very compelling, and that you might like to check out. Visit

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