Friday, June 24, 2011

Do you want to print some business cards?  Need a template for a fax cover sheet, a form letter, or just an easy-to-read yearly calendar to post by your desk?

Then you need

Simple go to the site and find the sort of thing you want to print.  Put the appropriate label, business card, or plain paper in your printer, and get the job done!

While most of the site is filled with ads, constant redirections to another domain (like obviously part of the same "system", attempts to help you "upgrade" and customize, and the layout is kind of sad, there is some real gold, hidden somewhere, here!

GuyOnTheAir's FREE Stuff Rating: 1 of 5
Offer Type: FREE
Cost: FREE
Supported by: Google Ads, Paid links, Upgrades
Restrictions: Only simplest version of many things is FREE.
Offer Expiration: None/unknown

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